Andrew Farmer Law Firm provides Criminal Defense Attorneys and Lawyers representing your case whether it be a Federal Crime, a Felony Charge, a Cybercrime or Internet crime, DUI charge, Public Intoxication charge, Drug Crime, Juvenile Crime, Theft Crime, as well as providing Auto Accident Attorneys, Motorcycle Accident Lawyers, Serious Injury Attorneys, Workers Comp Lawyers, and Wrongful Death Lawyers, Bankruptcy Lawyers, Family Law Attorneys, Social Security Disability Insurance ( SSDI ) Lawyers in Sevier County, Jefferson County, Knox County in the Sevierville, Knoxville, and Jefferson City areas of East Tennessee to meet your legal needs

Facing Criminal Charges? We Can Help

Preserve Your Freedom with an Aggressive Defense Lawyer

If you have been accused of committing a crime, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, your entire future may be at risk. The consequences of a criminal conviction are significant and far-reaching. You could face heavy fines and imprisonment, not to mention the loss of your driver’s license, professional licenses, and your right to own a firearm. Your career and reputation may suffer. It may exact a toll on your personal life and your family. If you are a non-immigrant, you could face deportation. You need to exercise your right to legal counsel if you are to have any opportunity of avoiding maximum penalties.

Andrew Farmer Law delivers aggressive criminal defense representation to clients throughout Sevier County, Knox County, and Jefferson County from our Sevierville headquarters and virtual offices in Knoxville, Tennessee. Led by criminal defense attorney Andrew Farmer, our team fights relentlessly to protect our clients’ constitutional rights inside and outside of the criminal courtroom. We handle the complete range of criminal cases in state, federal, and juvenile courts, including DUI, theft, internet crimes, drug crimes, and more.
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Protecting Your Rights & Interests

Amid an arrest or when facing accusations that you have committed a crime, it is easy to forget that you have rights and that you are innocent until proven guilty. Don not bow under the pressure of overzealous law enforcement officers or prosecutors. Speak with a criminal defense lawyer who can advise you of your rights.

If you are arrested:

  • You have the right to remain silent.
  • You have the right to an attorney.

Exercise these basic rights and you will have taken the first steps toward a future free of criminal conviction and the serious repercussions this can have on every area of your personal and professional life.

DUI Attorneys

Protecting Your License & Your Freedom in Sevier and Knox County

Driving under the influence (DUI) is harshly penalized in Tennessee. Even a first-time offender may face mandatory jail time, driver’s license suspension, heavy fines, and increased insurance costs. If you were pulled over and arrested for DUI, it is important to involve an attorney who can protect your interests.

Andrew Farmer Law represents drivers throughout Jefferson County, Knox County, and Sevier County in the face of misdemeanor and felony DUI charges. We take an aggressive approach to these cases and are not afraid to challenge the validity of breath test, blood test, and field sobriety test results; expose violations of our clients’ rights; and do everything in our power to strengthen our defense strategies.

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Drug Crime Lawyers

Tennessee Drug Laws And Penalties

Drug crimes range in severity from misdemeanors to felonies and may be investigated and prosecuted on a state or federal level. These cases are complex and the penalties for a conviction can be extreme, all the way to life imprisonment in interstate or international drug trafficking cases.
Whether you have been arrested for marijuana possession or are under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) or another federal agency for heroin trafficking, you have the right to legal counsel. Andrew Farmer Law represents clients across Knox County, Jefferson County, and Sevier County who are facing drug charges of any kind. With experience in state, federal, and juvenile courts, our Sevierville drug crime attorneys can deliver the hard-hitting criminal defense representation you need. We stand prepared to fight for the best possible outcome in your case.

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Theft Crime Attorneys

Serving Clients in Knox, Jefferson & Sevier Counties

Theft is most simply defined as unlawfully taking another’s property, but there are many elements to a theft charge. It will be the prosecuting attorney’s responsibility to prove, beyond a doubt, that a person charged with theft has intentionally and knowingly obtained or exercised control over another’s property without the owner’s consent. Exercising your right to an attorney may be your only hope of avoiding a conviction and the serious penalties this may bring.
Serving clients across Knox County, Jefferson County, and Sevier County, Andrew Farmer Law provides experienced criminal defense counsel to people facing any type of theft charge. This includes cases involving petty theft or felony theft, as well as burglary and robbery and white collar theft crimes involving fraud or embezzlement. We’ve been fighting for the rights of our fellow Tennesseeans since 2008.

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Juvenile Crime Lawyers

Defending Minors in Knox, Sevier & Jefferson Counties

In Tennessee and across the country, minors face different proceedings and penalties if they are accused of committing crimes. Juvenile justice programs are geared toward rehabilitating minors instead of simply penalizing them for their illegal acts. Even so, minors need legal representation in the juvenile court system. They have rights that should be protected, and that is the goal at Andrew Farmer Law.
We represent minors across Knox County, Sevier County, and Jefferson County who have been accused of status offenses or delinquent offenses, and we draw upon years of legal experience in juvenile justice proceedings to pursue the best results possible. These cases are nothing like criminal cases for adults - they require the attention of attorneys with specific experience in juvenile justice.
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Felony Defense Attorneys

Defending Clients in Sevier County, Knox County & Jefferson County, TN

A felony is the most serious type of crime that a person may be accused of committing and, in Tennessee, includes a range of offenses punishable by a year in prison all the way to life imprisonment or even the death penalty if capital punishment applies. In the face of such severe penalties, one needs an aggressive and trusted attorney to defend his or her rights.

Andrew Farmer Law serves clients facing felony charges and investigations across Knox, Jefferson, and Sevier counties. Since 2008, we have fought to protect our clients’ constitutional rights in state, federal, and juvenile courts. Our Sevierville felony defense attorneys know what is at stake and are prepared to provide the level of legal counsel it takes to succeed in these challenging cases.

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Federal Crime Lawyers

Top-Notch Defense Counsel by Aggressive Trial Attorneys

Persons under investigation by federal agencies or who have been charged with federal crimes need the highest quality defense representation from an attorney who has experience in federal court. Federal proceedings differ greatly from criminal matters handled in state courts, with specific rules pertaining to criminal procedures and evidence. Attorneys with experience solely at the state level simply will not do.

Andrew Farmer Law represents clients in Knox County, Sevier County, and Jefferson County who have been accused of committing federal crimes. We know how to deal with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and federal agencies to ensure the full protection of our clients’ constitutional rights. We understand federal court proceedings and sentencing guidelines, and we apply our experience in federal criminal defense to pursue ideal results in every case we take on.

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Internet Crime Lawyers

Experienced Criminal Defense for Cybercrime

Often referred to as cybercrime, internet and computer crime has been steadily increasing across the United States and worldwide. New laws have been created to address this new brand of criminal activity, and prosecutors and law enforcement are zealous in their efforts to curb cybercrime and put offenders behind bars.If you are under investigation for any type of internet or computer crime, or if you have already been arrested or charged, you need to involve an attorney who can fight for you. No one can help you except for a criminal defense attorney, and your best bet will be an attorney who is experienced, aggressive, and committed to your cause. That is the level of representation clients find at Andrew Farmer Law.

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Public Intoxication Defense Attorney

Aggressively Fighting for Your Rights

Many of us have had one too many drinks while enjoying out with friends, but being drunk in public in Tennessee is not a crime in itself. Generally, the offender or other persons or property must be in danger for an arrest to occur. If convicted of public intoxication, you can potentially face jail time and a fine. To ensure your rights are protected, reach out to the criminal defense team at Andrew Farmer Law in Sevierville for the fierce legal representation you deserve.

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