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Often referred to as cybercrime, internet and computer crime has been steadily increasing across the United States and worldwide. New laws have been created to address this new brand of criminal activity, and prosecutors and law enforcement are zealous in their efforts to curb cybercrime and put offenders behind bars.

If you are under investigation for any type of internet or computer crime, or if you have already been arrested or charged, you need to involve an attorney who can fight for you. No one can help you except for a criminal defense attorney, and your best bet will be an attorney who is experienced, aggressive, and committed to your cause. That is the level of representation clients find at Andrew Farmer Law.

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Types of Computer & Internet Crimes

Computer and internet crimes vary widely and may include types of fraud, theft, sex crimes, or even terrorist acts. These offenses may range from misdemeanors to felonies and may be charged in state or federal court. Minors may face juvenile court proceedings if accused of committing internet or computer crimes.

The following are examples of computer and internet crimes:

  • Identity theft - the stealing of another's identity for the purpose of gain, sabotage, financial benefit or other fraudulent acts.
  • Computer hacking - altering software and hardware for the purpose of breaking through the original purpose of the software and hardware.
  • Unauthorized use of a computer - the use of a computer that is not your property and that you were not given permission to use.
  • Child pornography - the illegal involvement of children in pornography.
  • Cyberstalking - the act of using the internet or technology to stalk or harass a person or group.
  • Soliciting a minor - for a person 18 years or older to convince, request, or hire a minor to perform sexual acts.
  • Wire fraud - the illegal act of mailing or electronically sending fraudulent items.
  • Internet gambling - the act of gambling online, including playing poker, sports betting and casinos.
  • Computer fraud - unlawful use of a computer or system and/or the use of a computer to take or change data.

With over a decade in practice, we have diverse experience when it comes to cybercrime defense. Our Sevierville internet crime defense lawyers can help in the face of any type of charge, investigation, search warrant, or arrest. These cases are often highly technical in nature, but we work with computer forensics experts and professional investigators to develop our clients’ cases and weaken the prosecution’s efforts to secure a conviction.

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