How You Can Avoid a Holiday DUI

Many Americans celebrate the holidays by surrounding themselves with loved ones, exchanging gifts, and being merry throughout the season. However, alcohol consumption is typically involved in festive events, which is why this time of year is often associated with a substantial rise in DUI arrests and drunk driving accidents.

From Thanksgiving Even (commonly known as Blackout Wednesday) to New Year’s Day, law enforcement officials throughout Tennessee and other states will do their best to arrest suspected drunk drivers and ensure the roads are safe for others by setting up DUI checkpoints and increasing the number of officers on the street on the holidays and weekends. There is plenty of opportunities to get caught drunk driving and spend your holidays in jail.

To avoid getting arrested for drunk driving during the holiday season, here are some steps you can take:

  • Avoid taking a sip of alcohol – If you remain sober throughout an event, you do not need to be afraid of getting caught drunk driving. Furthermore, you can also be a designated driver (DD).
  • Ask a friend to be your DD – If you want someone to be your designated driver, make sure he/she is responsible and reliable enough to stay sober while you enjoy a few alcoholic beverages.
  • Catch a ride using the Uber or Lyft app – If your designated driver succumbed to peer pressure or you couldn’t find one, you can use a ridesharing app to request a ride home. However, the holidays are often associated with surge pricing, so be prepared to pay higher prices.
  • Spend the night – If the holiday festivities are far away from your home, you could either ask a friend—who lives close by to the event—if you could sleepover or book a room at a nearby hotel that’s within walking distance.
  • Throw the party at your home – If you wish to avoid getting behind the wheel entirely, you could host an event at your place. Be sure to have enough room in your home available for those who wish to spend the night or make ride arrangements prior to the party.

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